I.M.V.PRESSE is a company with a high technological profile, which is aimed at an international medium-high level market. A family company with a professional management allows a direct, qualified and trustworthy relationship, where the customer is not a number, but it is located at the center of a continuous evolutionary process to analyse of its needs, to the customization of the supplied equipment and to the attention of a timely and quality service.

SOLUTIONS FOR ALL KINDS OF NEEDS… from 1 to 4 connecting rods with power from 1,000 to 35,000 KN.

I.M.V. PRESSE specialises in developing a wide range of technical solutions which, associated in different combinations, make it possible for the user to choose the press that best suits their needs. The dimensions, performance and accessories are then optimised and built "to measure" for each customer. Different production, frequency and flexibility needs of the press are achieved through different kinematic chains with front or transversal shafts, with the introduction of gearbox, levers and other technological solutions.