The organisation of the company I.M.V. PRESSE is such as to make it possible to provide a high-level assistance service capable of supporting the customer. Clearly, this service comes at a cost, so I.M.V. PRESSE allows its customers to choose from different types of assistance, in relation to their budget and needs.

Telephone assistance

Available during regular business hours, it guarantees customers the possibility to ask for assistance in case of “depanage” of slight entity and for spare parts.



Available subject to appointment, it guarantees customers the possibility to conduct verifications and checks through the Ethernet connection as well as diagnostics in order to schedule targeted and faster maintenance operations.


Preventive maintenance

Available subject to appointment, it guarantees the execution by specialised technicians of a check-up on the conditions of the machines and the possibility to plan maintenance operations as may be needed. The annual contracts are customised based on the degree of use and on the needs of the customer.


Extraordinary maintenance

Repairs, overhauls, technological revamping and anything else that may be necessary to satisfy the customer's needs.